You are a Woman. You are a Man.
You live in UK or you are on business trip or in vacation in different european cities (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy).

You feel disoriented, tired, irritated. You are simply curious and wish to share a voluptuous time.

You get bored with the traditional male-female relationships based on sexism, power, violence and physical stereotypes and wish to be cared.

Welcome to a voluptuous flowering way !

Feel sensuality and pleasure of the senses, slowness and softness, (re-)discovering the body, consciousness, self-centering, intimacy, breath and respect, femineity/masculinity and power.

“Un tantra à Paris” accompagnies gradually Women and Men to their own flowering through a tantric way thanks single or group session about meditation, visualisation, emotion’s management and touching Yoga in UK and in european cities..

Feel free to contact “Un tantra à Paris”, any comment or kind of question are welcome.
See you soon!